Monday, August 18, 2008

Crochet Necklace Pattern

Crochet Necklace Pattern $2.50


Sheila said...

Some description would be nice. What is the recommended yarn (and the yarn used in the sample). How much yardage is required? Maybe a few words about the technique employed and a bit more of a description. (The picture isn't very large... I don't feel like I'm getting a good idea of exactly what the pattern is from the pic... uncertain)

Marilyn said...

Hi Sheila~I worked long & hard on my crochet necklace pattern to get it to look like a beaded effect... I can say it does not require beads but the yarn that I use makes it appear to have beads....Customers that have purchased this pattern state that is quite beautiful & they are so happy with the ease of the pattern & how quickly the necklace can be made. I am very happy to say, they have also received rave reviews when they have gifted the finished necklace.... The length of the strands & how many is a personal choice as I have pointed out in the pattern.... You can get several necklaces from your choice of yarns....Customers are making several of these necklaces as gifts for Christmas or hostess gifts....or just because.... All these details are in the pattern once it is purchased..... thank you so much for your inquiry..... Marilyn